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The Artist Behind the Elephant

Though I mostly work as a digital artist, I've worked as an underwater model, made jewelry and such from 3D prints, written a book, and even coded an app! 

I'm a humble homebody and full-time nerd.

I grew up in a multicultural family, mostly made up of Cuban refugees. This made for a distinct upbringing that helped drive my artistic nature and continues to inspire my work.

I've been making art in some way or another since I can remember, and I plan to keep making it as long as I can.

I'm always open to trying new mediums and try to keep learning new techniques and styles whenever I have the time.

*   *   *

I'm so grateful for all the support from fans and customers and am always willing to answer any questions.

I look forward to continuing to share my imagination with you!


Fig. 1 - Photo of Cynthia Breheny, "Artist Behind the Elephant" (Also known as a "headshot")

These days, I work a lot with this cartoony style in my videos.

A big inspiration for me growing up was Looney Tunes - particularly, Chuck Jones and Tex Avery

More contemporary styles just couldn't compare for me. The painted backgrounds and traditional animation really caught me by the eyeballs!

Fig. 2 - A cheerful example of the art style most commonly used in my reviews and let's plays.


I coded my first app in 2019 and published it with the help of a coder friend of mine!

It's called, "Spark Character Generator" and it's for artists and writers who need a unique character on the fly! It's a simple little app, but it gets the job done! There are literally hundreds of possibilities and you can start foolin' around with it now in the Google Play Store!

Fig. 3 - A screenshot of an example character generated by "Spark Character Generator"

After moving to California, I got up the courage to ask my favorite underwater photographer (Mark Mathews) if I could model for him and was over the moon when he gave me the green light! 

I got to work with some great people, take some risks, and do something not many people get to do!

It really helped teach me more about communication. It's  kinda hard to get the point across when you're 6ft underwater and you can't breath or see.


Fig. 4 - Photos of Cynthia Breheny, "The Artist Behind the Elephant" sleeping underwater and being a mermaid

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