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A Piece of Magic

My great grandmother turned 101 on the 7th. She grew up in rural Cuba where they didn't have indoor plumbing or electricity. She comes from a family with over ten siblings - most of which, died young as a result of there being almost no medical care in the area. She married the dean of a college and moved to the city to become a teacher, getting to finally experience the modern conveniences of the time. She escaped Castro's Cuba with her children and grandchildren in the mid 1960's and came to the United States by way of an airplane, which was incredible to her. In her time here, she saw the first televisions, which blew her mind! She'd only ever experienced radio and movies before. She saw the first personal computers when she lived with us. She didn't quite understand them until recently, because there wasn't anything she found relevant to her about them. She couldn't believe it when she got to take a Google Maps road trip through her old pueblo a few years back. She, her daughter, and son-in-law spent hours doing that! And then, this year, she got a 3D printed ring from me that I got to make for her through Shapeways. Though she already liked the ring, she couldn't believe it had literally come out of thin air. I explained the process to her and she acts like it's magic! We take this sort of thing for granted sometimes - or, at least, I do. At the very least, we see it as a novelty. But to her, this woman who literally watched the world of technology spring up around her throughout her lifetime in ways she couldn't have imagined, it is like magic. I'm so thankful that I was able to find a company like Shapeways and create something like this for her. A piece of magic that she can wear for the rest of her life. Who knows what else she'll see in the coming years.

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