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Fall Update!

Warm greetings on these cool days! I'm sorry I've been away for so long! I have been so busy these days.


First and foremost, I have officially published my first book! "Once upon a Time from the Perspective of an Innocent Bystander" is now available on the Amazon Kindle marketplace as a digital title only (for now) for $2.99! Check it out! It's a fun read filled with interesting characters!

The other major thing consuming my time has been working on an animated book trailer for the novel. It's presented me with some major challenges that I'm working out, but my hope is to have it finished by December.

All the while, I've still been tutoring my siblings, managing the storefronts, working on new designs, training the puppy (Mochi), while keeping my older dog (Maeby) from learning bad lessons from her, and trying to get exercise in there!

Unfortunately, it has put a hold on commissions and on my Monday Motivation animations. But, as soon as I get a chance to make another one, I will. I've got quite the list piled up for those!

More on the book:

A little more background on the book is that I was inspired to write it about ten years ago by my siblings. They have very different personalities, but they are all relatively shy and put off by most people. I started the book to help them see that even if they feel like no one will befriend them, it's always possible to make good friends and that you can make your own support system. Granted, they, and the protagonist have a support system already in place, it shifts and changes over time and perceptions have an affect on that.

It's set in a fantasy world that has a lot more going on under the surface. There's magic and mystery, and a shapeshifting cat that all come into play along the way. All in all, it's a coming-of-age fantasy book that proves to be a fun read!

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