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Merch Mania!

Whoah! Things have been going a mile a minute over the past few days as I'm preparing all my shops for the holidays! Add to that, my siblings coming to visit during the second week of December, so I am trying to get the house ready for them, my dog being under the weather, and trying not to get fat from all the home cooking we've been doing in preparation for Thanksgiving, and I have been more of a busy bee than an artsy elephant!

Coming up (probably not in time for Christmas), I'll be setting up a Tumblr, finishing up a book trailer for my novel, finishing a long overdue request, and (hopefully) some YouTube videos (finally). Anyways, this is a short update, since I'm so busy! I'll keep you posted if anything new gets added and leave you with my new avatar!

Thanks so much for letting me share my work with you! Have a fun and safe holiday!

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