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The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral

Hey all! It's been forever since my last update! Because of all the holdups, I'll start with the reasons behind that in, "The Bad" section!

The Bad:

Things have been going slower that I would've liked. First, my laptop broke down and then, my PC went down. I threw out three months of work on my book trailer after multiple production problems and am going in a new direction. I hope to be finished with it soon, though!

The Good:

My computer seems to be fixed and my laptop is up and running too! I'm about halfway through my first draft of the second book and making good progress on the new trailer. I'm making (slow going) preparations on Youtube videos. I'm collecting the equipment and should start recording and editing within the next few weeks.

The Neutral:

I've been getting everything together for a festival show for my work. I screen printed 50 tote bags by hand (learning a lot in the process!) and put together some display materials. I still haven't put together a Tumblr account, but I'm still planning to do it. It's just not a priority.

After I get my major projects finished, I'll get back to coding and tinker away at my app again. I also hope to get some more 3D projects done and get back to doing Monday motivational animations.

Hopefully, we'll have more fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks!

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