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Hey guys! I was working on my Pokemon Sushi for today when my computer just shut off while I was saving the file. (This has been happening a lot lately and nothing's fixed it - new computer is in the works! lol) Anyway, I got the error message when I tried to reopen the file that it was corrupted and couldn't be opened thanks to an "Unexpected end-of-file". I looked everywhere for a fix online and even ended up paying for one of those file recovery software packages to try and get back what I'd lost, since the digital sketch and everything was lost in that file. NOTHING WORKED! I was so upset!

The recovery software said it had fixed the problem, but when I tried to open it, Photoshop wouldn't open the file, stating that it was an unrecognized file format despite it still being a .psd format. I also tried opening the original file and the "recovered" file in Illustrator. The former was just solid black and the latter was a block of text.

After two hours of trying to solve the issue, I'd settled on restarting the whole thing when I had an idea. I thought I'd try opening it in Paint Tool Sai. I don't know why exactly I thought it would help. I guess, since its own file extension format and did things a little differently than Photoshop, I figured it couldn't hurt. And it worked beautifully! For those of you who don't have Sai, it's a fraction of the cost of those stupid recovery programs and it opened the file without issue. It did leave some layers blank as a result of the file corruption, but it was really easy to redo those. It also deleted the paths I'd created with the pen tool in Photoshop, but again, this was an easy fix - especially, since I'd already had most of the work finished.

Anyway, if this ever happens to you, definitely try Paint Tool Sai. You can buy the license here:

It's not a bad alternative to Photoshop, either for those of you looking for something cheaper than Adobe products! ;)

Here's the finished image -

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