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YouTube Reviews!

I finally got up the courage to make a Youtube review! All of the artwork was made by me and I had a lot of fun learning and putting the video together! I hope to get another one up next month, so keep those eyes peeled! I went for a jaunty, goofy style with ragtime music. I also kept my effects limited, so that the viewer could appreciate the clips and the jokes that follow.

But for now, let's get into the art, shall we?

This is the main title card. I was inspired by Looney Tunes title cards. They're so iconic and really help summarize the episode in a single still image.

I did a credit sequence at the end of the video that is kind of like a prologue to the film. I liked this idea, because it's another opportunity to poke fun at the film I reviewed and a fun little visual element for the audience instead of just rolling text. It gives the audience a reason to stick around to the end and give the proper credit to the elements I used.

For the narration, I chose to go with a simplified toon style that changes expression and hand gestures depending on what's being said. It's a little unpolished right now (as far as I'm concerned), but I plan on polishing it up in the future. This was inspired more by Cuphead's art style. It's cutesy with big eyes and expressive hands

For recreating joke versions of scenes from the films, I went for a sillier style. It definitely highlights the absurdity of some of the moments in the reviewed film.

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