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Fun with Custom Orders 01

While I was in New York, I ended up working on a really intricate and interesting customer order. The design was so unique and personal, that it really touched me to be able to make this for them. Anyway, now that I've got a minute, I figured I'd share the process!

Here is the original design I was sent by the customer. I had to tweak it to make it printable in a size that could be used as a pendant. The client also wanted it to be hand painted, so it I had to leave enough space for color.

I redrew the design on my computer, then converted the drawing to an .svg and uploaded it to Blender. It had a tear or two when converted from an .svg to a mesh, but once I found and fixed the issues, I had it printed by Shapeways. It arrived broken (I've been having really bad luck with them lately!), but I fixed it with some epoxy and metal fixtures.

I had it printed in the white, polished plastic, so colors would absorb better. I'd considered black, so I wouldn't have to paint the outlines, but the black in dyed and, since I wanted to use watercolors for better blending, I didn't think it would show color as well. I included a pencil for size reference! In total, it was about six inches long. I have to apologize for photo quality and lighting. I did everything in a hotel room while I was in NY, so I had to use what I had!

I painted with the watercolors first, making sure that I had the blending and ratios right. It absorbed really easily into the plastic and I was pleased with the way it worked out!

After it dried, I went on to paint the outlines in Black. Here's where I started to get really excited, because it all started coming together and looking just like the design! I kept checking the the customer and he was really happy with the progress, so after the paint dried, I moved on to the final steps.

I finished the job off by spraying a gloss sealant on the piece and then adding a chain. I wrapped it all up and mailed it from the local post office where the only staff member working that day really seemed to love the design too! :)

About a week and a half later, I got a message with this photo included! The customer loved the piece in person and it was a big hit! I loved working on this! It was so exciting and I hope to do more like it in the future! If you've got a custom design in mind, please feel free to message me through the Contact page of my site!

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