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After over a week of renovations, the creative carnival is up and running! All "traditional" buttons have been replaced by original artwork that is relevant to the pages, so the best thing to do, is explore and click around to see what happens!

I'm planning on adding more features before the year's end, but I'll be taking a bit of a break for the holiday weekend.

The new site design was inspired by old carnivals - one of the only themes that could really encapsulate my..."eclectic" art style. And what better place is there for an artsy elephant to pick up a spare peanut or two?

Speaking of snacks, feel free to enjoy a bag of peanuts at the cinema! I would've had popcorn, but that made Poppy uneasy...

Keep your eyes on that silver screen though! More videos are coming up after the holiday break!

And while we're on things coming soon, more content is on the horizon, so check back weekly to see what's new!

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