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Update 03/02/2021

It has been a minute since I posted anything here. I've stopped using Facebook and Instagram because their ToS is pretty terrible, though I'm planning to invest in a VPN so I can start posting there again.

Videos came to a halt last year due to grieving and dealing with a very manipulative person who pretended to be my friend in my time of need, only to make everything worse. The silver lining is that I did make an actual friend who helped me out of that toxic relationship.

My health (physical and mental) has also been a factor in the stoppage. I'm trying some new therapies to get through that, but in the meantime, I have been finishing things. Just...more slowly than usual. I know people are forgiving about that, but it's hard not to feel guilty.

One thing I have been chipping at more seriously is my video game project. I got back into 3D modeling and have been learning all the new things Blender has to offer from the ground up. I also learned LMMS, but I'm still no expert!

Stay tuned for some new content coming up in the next couple of weeks and hopefully, things will be relatively consistent from there!

Thanks so much for everyone who's stuck around and supported me so far!

This image is from the game concept art I've been working on! Hope you like it!

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