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End of Year Summary

The year has gone by really quickly - especially in the last few months! I meant to write more posts, but I got really busy getting everything ready for a trip to Japan and working up more projects.

Japan was amazing, by the way! So much inspiration everywhere and a really eye opening experience. I learned a lot about Japanese culture and really loved how peaceful and orderly it was. I especially loved the rail system! It was so convenient and made me wish we had a similar one here in the states.

Lots of new things have been added to my shops and more will be added before the year ends. Keep checking on the sites to get a look at everything! Another new addition, as you might notice, is my new logo - the featured image at the top of the entry. It's a bit sleeker and, although I love my original elephant, it is a bit more professional.

As far as I know, I won't be adding anymore posts this year, but I am going to start going in a new direction with my blog next year, starting in January. I'll be writing posts relating to pieces that I finish and theories about 3D printing possibilities and such.

I'll be trying to write posts monthly, if not bi-monthly with images and interesting links where appropriate.

I'll also (hopefully) be starting up a YouTube channel with some tutorials and other interesting content by next summer if all goes according to plan.

I may also be adding my sister to my sites and shops next year, depending on how she comes along in her studies. I'll make sure to give her a proper introduction if and when that happens. Her style is a bit different than mine, but carries a lot of similarities.

Thank you for reading and have a stellar rest of the year!

- PTElephant

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