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Winter Update

Hey guys! I promise I'll have more art up soon! I'm so sorry I have been really lacking in that department lately. Things have been pretty nuts. My sibs visiting kept me pretty busy on its own, but we also all got some kind of weird cold that took a couple of weeks to clear up. One other thing that distracted me was that my dog developed a pretty large tumor that we're trying to deal with. Don't worry too much! She's a tough cookie and she doesn't seem to notice it at all. After I cleared all that up, I got a gnarly eye infection, so I wasn't much in the mood for looking at screens and working on art at until that cleared up!

Now that the health update is done, I'm going to upload my Pokemon Sushi this week as usual, hopefully get a request for a family friend finished up, and work a little more on my book trailer. I'm also hoping to roll out some more pictures of my products and get a new winter avatar done. THEN! I can get around to all those old requests and a new little something that my siblings and I cooked up while they were here!

Anyhow! Thanks so much for reading!

While you're here, check out my latest review of "Return to Oz".

And don't forget to check out my book review page if you haven't already!

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