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Follow Your Heart

Part of why I was so busy this month was because I was working on this contest entry! You can vote on it here:

I wrote this already on Deviantart, but I thought it's a story worth sharing. The background on this is that it's inspired by my sister. When she was going through chemo as a toddler, we watched Kiki flying around pretty much every day. We made a costume for her out of an oversized t-shirt and an elastic hairband my mom had saved from the 80's. She ran around the house on a plastic broom that looked nothing like the one from the movie and we got her a little purse and stuffed cat to hang on it. So, even though she was going through all the bad stuff that comes along with chemo, she found joy in this. She had more fun and happiness come from running around pretending to be Kiki than anything else. She's in full remission now - 16 years later, thankfully and the Miyazaki films are still an important bonding experience for us. She has a real cat that she's just as close to as Kiki is to Jiji and I'm prouder of her every day!

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