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Hey hey and howdy do, folks!

Last summer, I was contacted by an enterprising young fella who invited me to join his new video sharing site

It launched today and I gave it a shot and uploaded a semi exclusive new video! You can check it out directly here:

It's the first in a new series in which I give a short synopsis of Tarzan of the Apes to speedpaints of the characters. At the end of the series, I plan on analyzing the book and giving a review before diving into reviewing the many movies about the titular character.

I mentioned that the video is semi exclusive because I plan on uploading a version with shorter credits to this site and potentially uploading the video to YouTube later this week.

I hope you check it out and help give this new site a proper shot. YouTube has been a bit of a bugaboo when it comes to smaller creator support, so it's nice to see another contender out on the field!

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